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Security Services

Pinnacle Security Services

Our Fields of Expertise

When real experience matters, Pinnacle security officers provide our clients with:

  • Quality private security patrols for residential communities.
  • Armed and unarmed uniformed security services for commercial clients.
  • Effective security operations in high risk and disaster areas.
  • Access to a management team member 24/7

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We work hard to fully understand our clients business so that we might find the best security solutions and tailor them to their specific needs and goals.

We provide security for our commercial clients in the retail, construction, and other business sectors. This includes both uniformed armed and unarmed security officers who are a visual deterrent to theft and provide personal security for all client employees. Our officers make periodic and random perimeter security checks to ensure the integrity of client operations. Our officers engage customers and employees in a professional manner consistent with their experience in the public service sector, which enhances overall company operations. Our clients include those in the following sectors:

  • Large Retail
  • Grocery Stores
  • Special Events
  • Residential and Commercial Construction
We believe that successful neighborhood patrols begin with community interaction. Unlike many of our competitors, we deploy the same officers to patrol the area for our residential neighborhood clients on a regular schedule. Our officers interact with all residents and create a personal relationship with each. Our patrols are focused on maximum visibility during the hours when crime is most likely to occur, as well as during the hours that residents are arriving home from work. These patrol hours are fluid and shift in response to crime trends and/or special needs.

  • Client will be provided schedule of officers protecting their assets.
  • Residents in neighborhood patrolled will be provided schedule of officers.
  • Clients and Residents are also be provided with a cell phone number to contact that officer at any time during their hours of patrol
Similar to static security, our set containment protocols include securing the perimeter around film locations and production assets. Our objective is the prevention of theft and the personal security of production cast and crew members.
Pinnacle can provide armed and unarmed security professionals to assist in the regulation and screening of large crowds at events, including:

  • Festivals and Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Corporate Events and Conventions
Our Maritime Security operations include securing crew members, cargo, and commodities on foreign vessels while at domestic ports. These operations are regulated by the United States Coast Guard and The Department of Homeland Security. We conduct daily inspections of crew members that are forwarded to the USCG.

Our officers have extensive experience in Personal Security Details (PSD). Their extensive experience in domestic SWAT operations and overseas security deployments enable them to provide safety to celebrities, corporate officers, and other VIPs who may face increased risk during domestic travel for employment or personal reasons.

Other Services
Disaster Response

Pinnacle Security can create a custom disaster and emergency response security plan for each of our clients. This plan will effectively secure client assets prior to an approaching hurricane or other natural disaster. It will also include contingency plans to secure clients assets during and immediately after a hurricane or other natural disaster.


Public Safety Reporting

Our team members will obtain weekly crime statistics and maps from the appropriate law enforcement agency for the neighborhoods we patrol and the areas surrounding the businesses we serve. We will analyze this data weekly and adjust our patrol methods and hours in response to crime trends and community needs.


Risk/Security Assessment

Pinnacle Security can provide a risk analysis and security assessment of any residential neighborhood or commercial establishment to identify any potential security risks to the residents of the community and their property, as well as commercial assets. This analysis will be used to create a custom security strategy will maximize our crime deterrent efforts.