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Risk/Security Assessment

Risk/Security Assessment

Pinnacle Security can provide a risk analysis and security assessment of any residential neighborhood or commercial establishment to identify any potential security risks to the residents of the community and their property, as well as commercial assets. This assessment will include:

  • Physical inspection of the entire neighborhood, or commercial establishments and the surrounding area
  • Identifying weaknesses in the perimeter of the neighborhood (i.e. fences, egresses, points of access) and commercial establishments
  • Identification of residents and resident vehicles
  • Employee assets during working hours
  • Location security assessments for all film locations
  • Comprehensive report detailing findings and recommendations

This analysis will be used to create a custom security patrol strategy for the neighborhood that will maximize our crime deterrent efforts. It will also allow us to establish unique static security protocols for our officers based on the needs of the particular commercial client or film production. We will also perform a quarterly evaluation of these risks.

In addition, we will offer a complete risk analysis and security assessment to all residents of our neighborhood clients to evaluate the security of their home and property.