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Disaster Response

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We have all learned lessons from prior events such as Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Sandy. We are aware that during these tragic events, security is a top priority of business owners and residential communities. The evacuations involved with many of these natural disasters place many businesses, business assets, and inventory at risk for damage or theft by looters. A comprehensive security plan will mitigate these risks and secure company assets as your employees return and your business opens. Having all of your inventory and assets still in place will give your business an edge over your competitors.

Pinnacle Security can create a custom disaster and emergency response security plan for each of our clients. This plan will effectively secure client assets prior to an approaching hurricane or other natural disaster. It will also include contingency plans to secure clients assets during and immediately after a hurricane or other natural disaster, to prevent damage and theft. We will also assist clients in their return home or to their place of business.

These plans usually go into effect 72 hours from landfall of an approaching storm and remain in place throughout the event. Pinnacle Security will assign an Event Commander that will coordinate all operations and communication between Pinnacle, the client, and the officers. This security plan also includes the preparation of an After Action Report, which will include all details of the event such as strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for future events. This report will be provided to the client for future reference.

Pinnacle security officers are the best in the industry and all of our officers have experience operating during these events. We have a contingency of highly trained and experienced officers that can be mobilized and deployed to any area of the Gulf South Region (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas) within 48 hours. These officers can immediately secure client assets and implement this Disaster Security Plan.