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Pinnacle Security and Investigations is a leading Security and Investigations firm offering the highest quality commercial, residential, and private security services alike across the Gulf South Region.  Our management team has 33 years of experience in law enforcement, security services, and private investigations.  When experience matters, Pinnacle delivers.

Who We Are…

All of our security officers and private investigators are current or former law enforcement officers with a minimum of 3 years of active service with a law enforcement agency.  This 3 year minimum allows us to hire seasoned employees that have true experience in public service and a proven track record of success.  Our security officers and private investigators come from a public service background, which is shown by their interaction with residents of the neighborhoods they patrol and the business entities they serve.

Our officers and investigators have experience in the identification of crime trends, criminal investigations, and the strategic planning needed to effectively deter this crime before it happens. We believe that a focus on preventing a crime from occurring is much more beneficial to the community than investigating one after it has occurred. Our experience is current and our strategies are up to date with the latest and best practices of security companies and law enforcement agencies alike.

Pinnacle services clients in both the public and private sectors. We provide security services for industries such as retail, grocery, commercial, residential neighborhoods, film productions, maritime, executive protection, construction sites, and other private security services. We also have the experience in government security contracting, as well as security consulting and risk management.

Our private investigators specialize in criminal investigations. Their prior investigative work during their law enforcement career has given them unique experience into homicide investigations, narcotics, gang conspiracies, armed robberies, shootings, and property crimes. Our investigators provide valuable assistance to criminal defense attorneys.

Pinnacle Security and Investigations provides safety to employees as well as protection for your company assets. Our tactical, timely, and well-resourced strategies enable us to provide our clients with a comprehensive security plan that is both professional and cost effective.

President & CEO

Chad is the President and founder of Pinnacle Security and Investigation. He is an experienced law enforcement and security professional with over 16 years in the industry. He is a results oriented leader that has brought his law enforcement, surveillance, security, and investigative expertise to Pinnacle.

Chad is well known in the law enforcement community as a progressive and forward thinking professional, who is constantly seeking innovative solutions to criminal activity and other security issues. His attention to detail and personal relationships in the law enforcement community are keys to the success of Pinnacle, and have enhanced the communication lines between Pinnacle and our clients. Chad’s experience and expertise are highlighted by his training and related work history, listed below:

• 14 years of law enforcement experience with the NOPD
• SWAT, Narcotics, Task Force, and Gang Investigation assignments
• Assigned to federal ATF Task Force
• Made history as first NOPD officer to investigate and indict gang members in a criminal conspiracy case
• Numerous awards and commendations
• 7 award medals (including departments 2nd highest award)
• 2 time officer of the year
• Numerous meritorious unit and individual citations

Chad has implemented policies and processes that are consistent with the best practices of law enforcement agencies and top security firms alike. He manages all aspects of company operations and has positioned Pinnacle Security and Investigation as leaders in change for the security industry in the Gulf South Region.